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NO, Passneo's software is not free software, but you can download it atApply for refund without reason within 15 days after purchase, We promise you a 15-day free trial.

Passneo is a shareware provider. We provide reliable and effective software services. Appropriate and reasonable software licensing fees are conducive to continuous software update and optimization.

There are three ways to crack passwords:Brute Force Attack,Dictionary Attack,Combination Attack

The same thing, the same method, the Passneo team has been working on for ten years, focusing on password recovery. We have developed algorithms and algorithms that are different from other companies. Passneo's brute force mode incorporates distributed point-to-point technology, where you're not doing it alone, but all the nodes in the world are working together to solve your problem.

Passneo's cracked dictionary has been built for more than a decade, with billions of prototypes in your service.

You can download the free trial version of the software without the Licence. However, the functions of the trial version are limited. We suggest that you purchase the official version of the Licence.

If you want to retrieve your password as soon as possible, please purchase the full version and we will send you an Licence to activate the trial version.

Of course, all the software of Passneo has been certified by authoritative international security organizations. Please feel free to use it.

We care about and appreciate every user who uses Passneo products. We take the user experience as our root and strive for it. We are committed to providing users with a quality products and services. All of Passneo's software is available as a free trial download for users Free download after trial experience the software to bring expectations and convenience. If you have any problems with your purchase, please check the refund policy for more convenience Find out if you can get a refund.

We offer two payment methods: wechat and paypal.

The free trial version limits some features of the software, which may prevent you from having the same super experience as the official version and may prevent you from getting your file password back in time. You can upgrade to the full version to unlock the full functionality of the software.

1. It is recommended that you check the information you fill in when you buy, and check whether the email address you fill in is correct.
2. Check whether the Licence you purchased is the product being activated.
3. Check whether the installed product is correct.
4. Ensure that the network connection is normal during the activation.

If you have completed the purchase and payment and still do not receive the email automatically sent by Passneo system, the network may be delayed, you just need to wait patiently. And if you don't You have received an email from Passneo. You can retrieve your Licence through the following link.
Find Licence

Cancellations are not supported after an order is completed. Under certain circumstances, you may apply for refund processing after review.
Please refer to therefund policy.

John Doe


Graphic Design

I usually don't comment on anything, but this time, an important file cannot be opened without a password, I didn't expect this Passneo software to be cracked in ten minutes. It's not bad, it's worth recommending.

Avie Beaton

Ru Xiaojia

Education Industry

To be honest, I didn’t hold out hope at first. After all, there are many similar softwares on the Internet. Take a look at foreign software is still a little more reliable!

Andrew Garfield


Logistics Supply Chain

A newcomer in the workplace, I found a lot of important resources on the Internet, but they were all compressed and encrypted. With a Passneo compressed password recovery software, The password will be cracked very quickly, which is not bad.

Gunther Beard

Ben Luo


I have a Excel file that I forgot the password and can't open it all the time. I tried this software, and I didn't expect it to be cracked within half an hour. I am very satisfied.

Jake Weary

Cat Girl

Administration & Human Resource

It can be cracked, I didn't expect it, I didn't expect it, I have to like and recommend it!

Von Rails



Too powerful! I deleted my wechat by mistake, and all my chat records were gone. I was sad for several days. This software can scan all of them in just a few hours. It's amazing!

Von Rails



Thank you so much Passneo. The PDF file in hand cannot be edited or copied. Even printing was restricted, and Passneo removed all restrictions in a matter of minutes. Amazing!

Weir Doe



Maybe my password is too long and complicated. Except for the slow cracking process, everything else is fine. The products developed by the British software team are fine!

Jonquil Von



I downloaded a lot of RAR and ZIP packages, most of which were encrypted, some of which could not find the password, and some of which prompted me to pay. I don't want to waste so many resources. Use this RAR password recovery, dozens of dollars, the value!